Beauty Facial: Best Face Scrubs You Should Try

Facial Los Angeles

Facials are the most common treatment you are going to get when you go to a salon. The interesting point is that, every salon has its own way to serve you with the best facial treatment, for instance facial Los Angeles. As a popular salon in LA, this place offers some facial treatments you can choose based on your needs. However, some basic steps of facial may be still applied from cleansing to moisturizing. What about face scrubbing? Sure, you will find it too as scrubbing can exfoliate the dead skin cells and dirt which makes your skin looks dull.

Just like facial mask, face scrubbing has some types too. Whether it is chemical or natural, it is up to you to choose. But if you set your preference in the natural one, this face scrubs can be good options:

Brown sugar

The first natural face scrub you can ask your beautician is brown sugar. It has a perfect texture that can help you exfoliating the skin so it looks clean and bright. Although it is quite soft when applied, brown sugar will not tear and make your skin dirty. The best thing is, you will be happy when this scrub unintentionally go to your mouth; it is sweet!

Coffee ground

The nice smell of coffee now can be enjoyed when you have facial treatments. Yes, coffee ground is another face scrub that has brightening effect to your skin. Add cocoa powder that is also popular for the same use so it can give you the maximum result.

Almond meal

If you have been familiar with oatmeal as facial scrub, now it is the time to try almond meal. This natural face scrub is made of dried ingredients and is easy to find in store. Even though your beautician does not use this to you, it does not matter as you can just do it yourself at home. Try it out.

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