Difference between Classic and Volume Lashes

Eyelashes extensions have become the common thing in beauty technology as many treatment spa and beauty center has such a tricky thing to get the maximum beauty. They have many ways to upgrade the beauty of certain person. The most common thing when the people go to make up, the spa or beauty center will get many things for upgrading. It is included the eyelash extensions. The technology of eyelashes is fast too as they come with more and more advances in the customization. So nowadays, there are two big things in eyelashes. They are classic and volume lashes. Since there are two different kinds of lashes, so the function is different too.

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Classic Vs Volume lashes

The only thing that differ these two kinds of lashes is the function. The function will lead the construction of the lashes. The use of classic lash is for those who already have lots of eye lashes so they just need to make longer and beautiful. Sometimes lots of lashes still cannot make the people confident with their current appearance. The most common thing in classic lash is the single layer but it has a bit thick layer. That is why it is only used by the people who only need to have extra lengths on their eye lashes. The real eyelashes extensions come from this classic lash.

Then volume lashes come for those who only have little lashes and they need to get more lashes and it should be long. It is so thinner and it is usually only 0.07 mm but it has more lashes. Volume lashes like 3D lashes come with many layers as it has the function for making scene or look of the people who only have little lashes so they need to make it more and look long. This volume lash is more comfortable as it has lighter weight.

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