Additional Requirement for Getting Safelink Wireless

Everybody who categorized as people with low income may have different condition. To get the Safelink Wireless as one of the facility from government is not as easy as it seems. Even though it is clearly for low income people but the requirement to get the Safelink Wireless is hard enough. The government and the commercial telecommunication company which manage the Safelink Wireless will monitor our life in other aspects. For some people, the requirement may be hard to fulfill. Then, to get exception should be done in uneasy path. Besides that, the development of the requirement is done regularly. It will make it change every certain time.

The requirement

Other requirement to get Safelink Wireless is that the free cell phone service is only available for one in a household. For us who live with small group member of family it may be easy. We will be able to use the free package efficiently. However, it will not be easy for a big family. Most of everybody now need cell phone in their whether it is for personal use or for working one. However, the government and the TracFone Wireless Inc will not see that. One household will be enough to give one Safelink Wireless. Besides that, when we have use other free cell phone service, we will not able to get this product from TracFone. The government and the company only allow one free cell phone service for one company for one household.

Safelink Wireless

The effect of one household for one Safelink Wireless is the requirement will ask for valid US mailing address. This requirement will be hard to fulfill for homeless people. The homeless people also cannot use relative’s address. It is because; our relative will be monitored and the data which we fill will not match.

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