Ways You Could Lose Your Government Cell Phone

Every customer should know that Lifeline Assistance program has very restricting regulations. If you violate any of those regulations, even by accident, you could lose your government free cell phone. As soon as any of the violations come to light, it more likely than not that you will lose your phone.

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Having more than one phone per person

We have all heard the stories about people abusing the system and signing up for several, dozen or even more government cell phones. This is why the FDC has instituted strict regulations in order to crack down on fraud and require the cell phone provider companies to make sure that the cell phones are restricted to one for each person.

Having more than one phone per household

If you live with your family member who already has a government cell phone, you will not be eligible to get one. And if you have one, your account will be closed automatically.

Not re-certifying

You need to re-certify once a year. If you do not provide information required to substantiate your continued participation in Lifeline Assistance, your account will be closed.

Not using the cell phone for 60 days or more

Many of the participants of the program consider this as the oddest way to lose your government cell phone. If you don’t use it for 60 days or more, then your account will be canceled.

Please keep in mind that FCC has a definition of “use” here. For instance, if you use it only for texting, you don’t satisfy the FCC regulations. To avoid this, just make sure that you place a voice call minimum for every 60 days.

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