3 Basic Clash of Clans Farming Tips for Beginners

After a while played this game, I became really addictive on faming inside the game. To be honest, farming is Clash of Clans is quite tricky, if you are not be careful you will run out of gold and gems in no time before you can build a strong base. Why? As the game progress further, it will cost you to build and upgrade many buildings and also some high-end troops. This will consume lots of resources, gold and also gems (if you are not patient enough to wait the production times). Of course there are some shortcut if you ask me, you can use some clash of clans hack to get unlimited gems, gold even elixir. These kinds of hack spread on the net, actually I found one here http://clashofclans.hack-free.com/, some players already tried and said it was 100% work for any device you have. I haven’t tried it myself yet;I still enjoy playing fair at the moment.

Through this article, I want to share several basic farming tips for clash of clan’s beginners. Hope you like it!


Tips No 1: Have a Goal!

Just like real life, you will confuse and mislead if you don’t any purpose. Same principal when you are playing this game, have a goal to motivate yourself on faming. For example, after I saw an enemy base with huge and multiple resource caches makes me motivate to build and focus to one resource.

Tip No 2: Remember Your Attacking Army Cost

This sometimes ignored by newbie players, but I really recommended that we have to be very careful when using spell for gold farming. Keep in mind, the cost of your total attacking army and 1/3 of that number.

Tips No 3: Keep Your Troops Training

Well, this will be a good especially when you are an active raid player. It is better to leave some troops on your base while you are out for raid. The troops can do a full training during that time, it is better than having whole camps to raid then return with no troop at all. It sometimes happens to me though.

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