Book Review: Tao of Badass

We all know that approaching women is a hard thing to do for most men. Sure, there are men who have the ability to approach women naturally, but most men are not that lucky.

But is all hope lost? Is there anything that can change that?

There is. If you are one of the not-so-lucky men, there is a book that can help you on approaching women.


Have you ever heard of Tao of Badass?

If you haven’t, I’ll tell you. Tao of Badass is a book by Joshua Pellicer. Joshua Pellicer used to be an average guy, who is treated poorly by his girlfriend at that time. It all changes when he read a psychology book he found in the back of his car.

Starting from there, he sees a pattern, the pattern that will help build his theory on picking up women. He himself tried the theory and found that it is working. Not only that, he also learned dating rituals, body language, verbal communication and all that will help in building a connection with human beings. In the end, all of those things transform him from an average guy to girls picking up master.

What does that book contain?

It contains dating advice from Joshua Pellicer. In fact, the book is about a system on dating advice, a really working system on dating advice. A system made by Joshua Pellicer from the experience he had on dating. Inside that book, you will find techniques about talking to women, how to understand them and to come to your home at night. And no, memorizing cheap pickup lines is not one of them.

If you want a more in-depth review about this book, you can go here, and read powerofsoul’s review of Tao of Badass.

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