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Don’t hesitate to learn about gaming reviews Wii U. He cried again, this game can be played with all three still controls the same plane. The control scheme will be divided into three players; one person will control ship, the other providing information, and so on. It makes Affordable Space Adventures as a Wii U exclusive indie game unique and utilizes the features of the gamepad to the very maximum.


The new graphical look at Kirby and the Rainbow Curse ye will surely be made exasperation. His features are round and pink alone is very cute, especially, this time, HAL Laboratory combine with the unique texture of clay.

The way you control a cute creature round will be a little different than usual. Prepare stylus yours to guide Kirby to the desired direction by making trajectories rainbow-colored line on the touch screen gamepad. Maybe for those who played Kirby: Canvas Curse for the Nintendo DS will feel familiar with this control scheme?

But who would have thought behind the graphics paced colorful with cute clay texture in Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, the stored degree of difficulty is high enough to be able to complete the 28 stages to complete. Therefore do not worry, because Kirby and the Rainbow Curse can also be played with three other players to help resolve the various obstacles that block.

What is offered arcade game is actually very simple. You just have to skate with a skateboard to the end of the stage while demonstrating cool tricks are counted in the combo to add to the accumulated score. Upon successful completion of the stage, you will be able to move to the next stage with the environment more interesting and challenging, so did so on.

OlliOlli is not exclusively reserved for the console Wii U. But I think personally, analog buttons on the Wii U gamepad most champions than any other platform when trying to execute a variety of tricks indie dangerous when playing this game. Offered the ease to see a list of tricks on the second screen, also support features Off-TV Play.

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