The Prediction for Manchester United vs. AFC Bournemouth game

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The last game in the English Premier League will be held on May 18 at Old Trafford, Manchester. The game will be between Manchester United and AFC Bournemouth. The game is a replay because the first one was abandoned because of false alarm of mysterious box. The situs303, as the situs Judi bola terpercaya, will cover the bet and will give the prediction.

The prediction

The game between Manchester United and AFC Bournemouth is the last game in the Premier League. It is not really important in getting the trophy because it has been won by Leicester City. The game will be about getting a better position in the English Premier Table. Manchester United will want to win the game so they can be in the fourth place if they have more goals than Manchester City. But, if they have fewer goals, they will be on the fifth place. The fifth place also will be their place if they draw in this game. For Bournemouth, the game is quite important because they will have a better place than currently. They are now in the 16th place. When they win at Old Trafford, they will be on the 14th place. If the game draws, they will be on the 14th place when they can make more goals.

But, the game seems to be going on the Manchester United’s side. The current position shows that Manchester United has a better place and it could mean that they are a better club. Besides that, they have more star players who have great skill. Then, the game is held at Old Trafford which is in front of Manchester United’s fans. They will have more spirit than the Bournemouth. You could bet for Manchester United. But, everything can happen in the game.


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