Webcam Modeling 101: How to Stay Safe

webcam modeling

Being a webcam model is great, since you’re allowed to work from home, have fun with the clients, and no physical contact is required. You can totally let the wild version of you out while working, since it can create a personality and specialty as a webcam model. But this job isn’t always about the fun thing. You need to stay safe while working, even if all your clients look friendly. You don’t want to know what the clients are capable and willing to do with your personal information once it’s out. You can also accidentally meet some family members or neighborhood you met today at work. Oh no!

No Real Identity

You are a webcam model, and you are a fantasy model to all your clients. Let’s keep it that way, including your identity or personal details. Fantasize about who you want to be or what kind of person you want to be presented as—your name, age, zodiac, and the country or state you live in. In the name of safety—also to make yourself sounds more inviting—this is necessary to do. Don’t be stupid to give your personal details in the website.

Hide Away from Loved Ones

Webcam modeling is sometimes considered shameful in some communities, and if your community is one of them, you can do several things to protect yourself and hide away. Some websites allow you to block clients from a few countries or state, so you won’t accidentally meet one of your family member or friendly neighborhood—it’s going to be so much awkward.

The next thing you can do is to use make up or wigs to hide your real features. In addition, wigs will probably will make you look even interesting and inviting, also activate the fantasy even more.

Trust No One

Just like spy movies, you can’t trust anyone in this business. Yes, you love your clients, their money, or maybe their friendly and polite attitude. But that doesn’t mean they own you and you can trust them. Whatever shows in the shows might not be the real them, since you’re not really showing who you really are too. So don’t trust your personal details to the clients and never accept their invite to meet you.

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