What is Internet Radio?

Internet Radio is an audio service that is broadcasted via internet. Similar with the concept of the classic radio broadcast, the most of its content are music, talks, news, and commercials. The difference is that it has more content and more accessible to be compared with the advanced technology. It is now popular for the newest generation because it has more variety of things that you could listen to. Not only limited in talks or news, it is more of options in listening to music from different genres from all over the world.


The internet connection provides more information of the recent people’s interest and able to broadcast it. It is also popular because you could also access it anywhere and anytime, both from websites through your computer or applications that you could download on your smartphone.


By the more advanced technology, most of online radios allow you to sign up an account and could even track your favorite genres and songs from many different artists. Since it is connected by the internet, you could also share what you are listening to on your social media status to let people know what you are listening to. There are some of radio sites that is interactive with the audience, you could also request your favorite songs, just like in the regular radio.

Most of the radio sites also allow you to make friends with people with similar interests of music and you could connect with them. It is also one of the proofs that technology makes a lot of people connects and feel closer though they live in different countries.

Not only younger people, the older generation could also enjoy by the fact that the most of online radios have a library full of music from different generations (like 50s – 90s) and complete with the hits as well as the most popular artists from that era.

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