You Have To Understand Your Speaker

You have to understand

You have to understand the various types of speakers both from the type of individual speakers or speaker complete. One more thing that cannot be ignored when you want to select a speaker is to understand the specifications of the speaker.

Frequency response

The frequency response can be measured by Hertz wide frequency response refers to the frequency of the speakers that can be generated. A speaker capable of producing audio signals at a frequency and level predetermined by the developer respectively. At a predetermined maximum frequency, the speaker will produce the loudest sound. Ideally, hard or slow sound produced by the speaker remains at the same level and frequency.

Humans can hear sound at a maximum frequency range of 20Hz to 20KHz in numbers, so it’s best to find speakers with frequency response that are in that range.


Impedance of speaker can be calculated by Ohm unit. Impedance describes how much electrical resistance an amplifier to be met when the speaker is turned on. Most speakers are designed with impedance at 8 ohms.


Sensitivity on a speaker can be calculated by unit disable per watt. The sensitivity of the speakers describes how loud the speaker can produce per watt sound energy intake. The greater the sensitivity, the less electricity it will be required by a speaker in order to achieve high volume. Low sensitivity range between 88 disable per watt and the highest sensitivity is at number 100 disable per watt.

Power handling

Power handling the speaker can be calculated in units of watts. Describe the power handling capacity of maximum signal that can be received by the speaker. The greater the incoming power to the speaker, the greater the potential for damage to the speakers. However if a speaker requires high power certainly supported by the amplifier that is also strong so that the resulting sound is also quite good.

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