Patagonia Men’s Fitz Roy Permit Cotton T-Shirt

Patagonia T-shirt is very unique. The T-shirts from Patagonia do not use common cotton. Since 1996, Patagonia has changed the use of conventional cotton into organic cotton. The use of organic cotton may be more expensive. Growing organic cotton is not the same because it will require more knowledge, skill, and also money. However, it does not matter because Patagonia is trying to make better environment by using healthy natural material. Using organic cotton is one of the efforts to do that. Besides that, Patagonia tries to grow cotton with better soil but use less water. It could be an improvement to the healthy ecosystems on our earth.


Besides supporting the use of healthy material, the T-shirts at Patagonia outlet online are not made from synthetic or pesticide cotton. The awareness of the danger of pesticide is getting higher since 1996. The pesticide that sprayed on the cotton while it grew on tree cannot be removed. It will be still there even it has been made into T-shirt. It cannot be right, because the T-shirt from the pesticide cotton will be danger to our health. We will use it in our daily life.

Patagonia T-Shirt

On, we can get the Patagonia Men’s Fitz Roy Permit Cotton T-Shirt with only $22.99. The original price was about $57.48. This product is part of the hot items on the new arrival of Spring Summer season. We have known that Patagonia uses organic cotton, so does this T-shirt. It is available from size S until XXL. Then, the color can be chosen between red, white, blue and other three colors.

Even though the cotton of this T-shirt is from organic cotton, we will have equal or even better quality than the common cotton. Then, this kind of cotton has been defined USD’s National Organic Program.

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