Access Discoverlifeline to be Eligible Users for Assurance Wireless

Assurance Wireless

Assurance Wireless is a part of the government program which offers free cell phone service with certain condition. This government program is limited for the eligible people only and in certain state. As part of the government program, we should not be surprising that we will need some documents to fulfill the application.

What we need to be the Assurance Wireless users

This program provides free cell phone service to give people who need it but they cannot afford the regular one. To be the users we should be able to check several things first. We should know if the service is available in our state. The operator for this service is able to get by people in the District of Columbia and among 29 states in the United States. After that, we should check the qualification in our state. It happens because some of the states may have different requirements. If we have decided to get the program of the free cell phone service, we can fill the application. When we send the application, we need to attach it with some supporting document if it is needed.

The service of the Assurance Wireless

The program of the free cell phone service and the free cell phone which is called Assurance Wireless is given to million people every month in United States. This program is the collaboration of the federal government and also Virgin Mobile. This mobile operator company provides the service and the cell phone and then the government gives the subsidy. The federal government gives about 10 USD to Virgin Mobile for every subscriber every month. The subsidy from the government is used to cover the cost of the cell phone. This kind of program seems to be interesting to have, but we need to be qualified enough for the service. Read more.

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