Carrageenan and Safe Consumption

Knowing what is in your food can help you make a wiser option that can determine your own health and well-being. However, most of us are ignorant and don’t really care about such thing. In the event you have ever heard about the carrageenan, be sure to you get an overall thorough information about it. Some people say it is dangerous and some say it isn’t. Know your facts straight before you make a decision.

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The Carrageenan

Carrageenan is basically an extract from the red algae that is native to the Irish coasts. It has been used for centuries so it is not something new. It was first used by the ancient people along the Irish coast for food mixture and for remedies, especially to deal with the digestive issue and the ulcer. Later on, it was brought to America and has been then used in the modern food industry as a stabilizer or thickener. Carrageenan is a food grade water soluble fibrous substance that looks like a gel.  When it is mixed with the foods, it will improve the taste, texture, and also smell of the foods. After all, physical appearance and smell are important in the food industry, right?

But you probably ask yourself, is carrageenan safe? Can you consume it without having to worry about the possibility of catching yourself a disease? Sure it is. Carrageenan is extracted from the natural red algae known for their health benefits. The process itself is pretty safe without involving any dangerous procedures or chemical addition. Many studies have implemented and done to see the possible health risks of the substance but all of them have been negative so far.

What about the rumor about the risks of the carrageenan? First of all, most of them are probably wrong and not getting the facts right. It is also possible that the subject of the rumors is actually the poligeenan, not the carrageenan.

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