Does data prove that carrageenan is dangerous?

4How many people do understand about food science? A new era has come, and people should be careful in choosing foods because they have new ingredients that we may not know because there are many new additives. Somehow, people just think about the taste, but they are careless about the ingredients. That thing is quite sad because it’s the most common thing that becomes the cause of illness. Although not all additive is poisonous some people that do care about food science and take very careful action to pick foods, they prefer to avoid foods that have addictive ingredients. Recently, carrageenan that has been used for years has been the trending additive that should be studied further. Some people believe that there is data to prove that carrageenan is dangerous? What is the data?

People vs. Tobacman

what is carrageenan?One of the experts from the University of Illinois made a petition to FDA to ban carrageenan for the additive. As we know that carrageenan has been a common ingredient for yoghurt, milk and many dairy products. For those who ask what carrageenan is, you can see it there. That carrageenan is for emulsifying. The expert that made petition had the result of the research that it can cause inflammatory disease in an animal. There is no exact data that proves that carrageenan has impacted human to get a certain illness like an animal does. For those who are a very concern about foods, this thing is enough for them to avoid it but for those who still enjoy dairy product like yoghurt, almond milk, chocolate milk, and others will not care unless there is research that proves that carrageenan is dangerous for human. It’s on your hand whether you will stay believing that this additive is safe or not because all of your foods are in your hands to choose.

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