The Common Myths of Carrageenan


The rumors about the carrageenan side effects may lead people with the wrong information. In the case of the carrageenan, it is not a good thing because people may be mistaken the carrageenan with poligeenan. Therefore, you need to know about carrageen through the myths which people spread in public. The myths about carrageenan will not be good because it will make people loose trust in many products which they usually use. It may be wrong information which is got mix-up.

The truth about carrageenan

Carrageenan has known that it has no nutritional value. Generally, it means that carrageenan will not change the taste or the food’s nutritious. The food scientist finds out that carrageenan can be added to food products for many reasons.

If you have heard that carrageenan will change thetexture of the food, it may be right. But, it happens in a good way. It could help to make yogurt and ice cream stay creamy. People do not like watery yogurt and ice cream. Besides that, it can help the protein powder or uneven foundations so it will not get chunky.

The function of the carrageenan on the product is to preserve it for a longer period time and extend the products’ shelf life. For the food product, it will help you get it as afresh product. When you are going to send the product out of town, it will still be in good shape because carrageenan keeps it for a longer period of time. If you are the local farmers and sell your products in farmers’ market, the use of the carrageenan will help you to make the product looks good and as fresh as new. When you need to maintain the freshness of the food, the carrageenan will be so helpful, especially in the processes food.

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