Who are Included on Home Paternity Test

Paternity test is not the problem of one person. It will involve several people who are related or we believe that they are related. Home paternity test is a new thing this day. A long time ago, we believed that paternity was able to be tested by blood type. We used to believe that the father will inherit the same blood type to the children. However, the blood type method does not have 100% accuracy. The later method for the paternity test is using DNA. However, the DNA test used to be expensive. Scientists have been proved the accuracy is about 99%. The number is very near to accuracy. It is believed until now that paternity test should be done in DNA test. Nowadays, the DNA test can be done with home paternity test.

The people who are included on the test

The home paternity test may happen because of the need to know the biological father. The child DNA is needed to be matched with the alleged father. Most of the time, the result of the DNA test of the child and the alleged father if it is matched it could reach 99.9% accuracy.

The mother in the paternity test seems not necessary. However, the accuracy of the test can reach 99.99% accuracy when we involve the mother’s DNA in the test. It could make us more believe to the result when it is match.

The good thing from the home paternity test is that we can take the test even though the alleged father does not want to. It seems like we cheat. But, when we are in the pressure need the biological father information, this could be the solution. Besides that, we will be in the comfortable place when we answer personal questions for the test.

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