Different Home Interior Design Options

home interior design

Tweaking the home interior design shouldn’t be too difficult, if you really understand the structure of your house and what you like best about the design itself. Sometimes, you need to understand the structure of your personal space and focus on the good parts. For instance, if you have a certain part of the house with exposed brick, why not focusing on having industrial theme on that part? Once you understand the different types of designs, you can make adjustments and changes, just the way you like it.

Industrial Modern

As the name suggests, this kind of design focuses on the strength of industrial setting, with its crude, raw, and rough texture. The main characteristic is to use exposed brick element and raw steel. If you can combine it with rustic wooden pieces, it would be even greater; as there is natural feel about it. The most frequent color used is copper tone. For instance, if you can combine exposed brick wall with dark wooden cabinets for the kitchen, and then black metal frame for the overall structure, you have achieved one of the most natural design that can make a design statement.

Coastal or Nautical Modern

Mostly recognized as the nautical design, this style focuses on positive, relaxing, and warm atmosphere. The colors are blue, white, and sandy colors. Accessories include unfinished wooden pieces, ropes, and seashells. If you can include sand beaches inside a jar or bottle, you have achieved this relaxing tone.

For instance, you can have blue and white stripes cushion cover, with seashells and sands inside a jar for the coffee table. For the coffee table, you can have an unused wooden crate. It will definitely bring out the cottage and nautical feel right away.


Also known as the boho style, it focuses on layers of textures and heavy colors, such as purple or red. The effect should be messy or not a match – but somehow the chaotic effect is the main appeal of the design.

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