Sample Inspection Reports from One of Home Inspection NYC

Since Pro Gauge Home Inspections becomes one of the best home inspection NYC, quality is important to keep. Therefore, professional field team should do the inspection reports. For commercial and residential properties, some reports should be done accurately. There are a warehouse report, gas station, retail center, multi-story structure, and inspection report with repair cost estimates for commercial properties.

Inspection Reports for Some Properties


For Residential Properties, some reports including Standard Residential TREC Inspection, Premium Residential TREC Inspection, and Residential New Home Inspection are can be handled by Pro Gauge. For Multi-family Housing, there are Apartments with all interior inspected, and apartments with percentage interior inspected. The Specialty Inspections are Infrared insulation deficiencies and infrared commercial roof issues. The most important thing for you is you need to understand your responsibility and the result will be there after the inspections.

If you want to make an online schedule, you can call (888) 888-8888. No matter you are buying or managing commercial properties in New York and beyond, this company will always give you the best property inspection. Even when you have a tight schedule that often part of construction projects. This company offers you the quick construction inspection services. Therefore, the lending institution can approve your and draw or your final draw. You can get to the next step and go to the next phase of your project. How about the environmental issues that always come? You do not need to worry about it because Pro Gauge Home Inspections can arrange for phase I environmental assessments. Therefore, this company can also handle the issues with mold, asbestos, and radon. Located in New York does not mean that this company does not give the best perform. Being informed and just make the financial sense is this company good of repairs and environmental issues can be escaped by this company.

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