Tanning Bed Bulbs

Tanning bed has a lot of bulbs. Those bulbs are just like the lamps you use in rooms to emit UV light. But when you feel it’s the time for you to replace the tanning bed bulbs in your home, do not ever think of changing the bulbs with the same bulbs you have in your house. Check the manual of the tanning bed and learn what bulbs to use as replacement. Other than that, there is some important information to learn before replacing the bulbs.

Replacement Bulbs Tips


Cut your first session after replacement. The biggest reason why you replace your lamps is that your old lamps aren’t performing like new. After replacement, in this situation you need to cut your session in half to prevent sunburn. New lamps are hot lamps.

Shop smartly. Remember all the tanning bed model, name, number. Write the names and numbers of the lamps. This will help you get the right lamps the first time. If you couldn’t find the stores offering the types of the bulbs, make an online purchasing.

Get help. Contact a good technician to replace the light bulbs or to clean the tanning bed. If you are not familiar with all the technical terms, don’t harm your body by replacing and cleaning the bed by yourself.

Get the best cleaner. If you want to trim the budget, you may need to clean the bed without contacting the technician. However, there are many things to learn before, such as understanding types of bed cleaner. You are not allowed to use Windex, glass cleaners, chlorine or vinegar to clean the bed. Those aren’t good for the bed. They can cause the acrylics to start blocking UV. You will take longer session to get tan and waste the electricity and lamp life.

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