Reasons why I Install Whatsapp

When it comes to messenger application, there are some options of applications that I can install in mobile phone. I have tried some of them and I think WhatsApp is the best messenger application. This application has been downloaded by many people around the world making it as one of the most favorable messenger application these days. However, I have some reasons why I choose and install Whatsapp as my favorite instead of other applications available out there. Here are some of the them.

Affordable application

WhatsApp is free to download without requiring much charge from my mobile phone. This is the main reason why I choose this application because I can save my money. When it is compared to other messenger applications, this might be the cheapest application that can be considered. Additionally, I don’t need any additional fee for anything like for buying emoticons. This becomes a very affordable mean of communication. I’m glad finding this application so that I can stay connected with others in a very affordable and easy ways.

Easy to use application

When the first time I want to use Whatsapp as the main messenger application for my mobile phone, I don’t find any difficulties to use it. Right after installing Whatsapp, this application is easy to use without any complicated tips to start a chat with others. I can make both personal chatting with my friend and create a group to get together with other friends. This application also provides me and all its users with many emoticons that can be used to describe various emotions.

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In short, I like this messenger application for everything it provides to give me easiness to stay connected with others. Whatsapp surely becomes my favorite messenger application and I recommend this application to my friends and most of them like the application because this really fulfills their needs for communication especially chatting.

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