Resound Box with Buy SoundCloud Plays

Resound Box with Buy SoundCloud Plays 3

Along with Twitter and Facebook, our Tumblr, Pinterest and WordPress integrations help spread your sounds even further, to maximize your artists’ exposure.

SoundCloud for Tumblr

  • When creating an audio post, you can now search, preview and post audio from SoundCloud to Tumblr.
  • Easily post to Tumblr by pushing the share button on SoundCloud, or grab the URL and post it as an external source on Tumblr audio posts.
  • You can search for SoundCloud sounds on Tumblr, so fans can find your sounds. From here, they can post a customized player for Tumblr onto their Tumblr blog.
  • To use the HTML5 widget, just grab the embed code and post it into the video section for creating your post.
  • You can also add Tumblr in your SoundCloud connections, so that you can automatically share as part of the upload process.

SoundCloud for Pinterest

When you pin a sound, its artwork will be displayed alongside your other pins, and the SoundCloud HTML5 widget will launch as soon as it’s clicked.

  • To pin a sound you can use Pinterest’s ‘Pin It’ bookmarklet, then choose the board and add a description.
  • Alternatively, you can copy the URL of the sound you want to share onto the site

HTML5 widget

Click Share on a SoundCloud sound to find the embed code for your HTML5 widget.

  • With the new waveform design, you can see detailed information about the sound, including its creator, likes, comments and plays.
  • Buy links can help drive sales or link to other calls for action.
  • The HTML5 widget is iOS-friendly and mobile-compatible, making it easy for fans to explore on the go.
  • Click ‘Edit Your Widget’ when sharing, to customize your widget to best suit your website.

If you want to enhance fanbase, you can buy SoundCloud plays now.

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