Simple Ways to Start Blogging

How to start a blog ? That is a simple question and it supposes to be easy to be answered. Technically, starting a blog is simple. There are many free blogging websites which can be used by anyone. Besides the blogging website, the social media websites, such as Facebook and Instagram, can be used for blogging. For starter, we can start blogging in simple ways.

What we use


Free blogging website, such as Blogspot, WordPress, or Tumblr, is a good place to start a blog. It happens because the features on those websites are very easy to be learned. Those free blogging websites will allow to post text as long as we want. Then, we can style the text too. Besides posting text entry, we can insert pictures too. On those websites, we are provided with that kind of pictures. We should not have to use code to make the pictures are able to be view. We also can mix the text and the picture. The layout of the entry is able to be arranged as we want it to be. We also can post the video. In this case, we may need to learn how to put the code on the entry for posting the video with a link.

What we post

In the beginning, we can start blogging simple issue that we are interesting into. We can start from the music we like, the film that we watch, the sports club that we support and our concern. Mainly, we should start to writing with the things that we like and concern. The content of the blog could be started in light mode. We may want to take people attention. But, it should not be too aggrieve in putting an opinion. Moreover, we should post regularly until it becomes a habit.

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