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When we go back to before 20’s, it is common to see old gambling where we should sit together and watch the games. We should make a deal before the betting is on. It is so different from now gambling where we only sit and connect to internet and just play the games. It is not like we have to put much money one the name of “big” names in front of our own friend but in online we don’t know each other so we can put the money based on our needs and calculation in sharing the money with other games. Football betting has been popular and it is popular because of BWIN and Sbobet where those two agencies become official sponsor for club in EPL and La Liga. Since then, many people join and playing football betting, It is good move from the agency as they are success to promote online football betting that comes with more comfort and flexible rules that everyone can understand. Most of them have same rules in online betting.

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The rules of betting

You cannot change the amount of betting when the game is on. You can’t change your prediction when you have chosen the types of time in betting. For example, you just predict half time score, so you cannot put gambling in the second game as you have only put the first game in your betting. You also are not allowed to change the amount of money when you have put certain amount before the games.

The more you brave to put the prediction and believe in yourself, you cannot be beaten and win will come to you. No matter how you choose the league but when you have good knowledge of football and league you choose, it is very fine to put big amount of money when you believe yourself. In Indonesia bursa taruhan bola or online football betting have the strict rules just to make sure that there will be no cheating.

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