CRO Tips for Small Business

How to Do CRO Right

Revising business strategies and tactics through conversion rate can further increase your profit, especially if you own a small business. The following shows you how to optimize conversion rate to improve your website and make more profit.

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Optimize your web content. A good content marketing is essential for your small business. Endless Gain can help you build a good content that targets the specific, high-quality leads by utilizing tactical answers and button placements. Therefore, web content needs to be shaped around the most basic questions, such as:

  • Who is the content being written for, or what kind of customers are you trying to target?
  • What particular problem the content is trying to solve?
  • How will the content help your potential customers to take actionable steps?
  • What are you trying to achieve with the content?

Focus on solving specific problems. Trying to solve a bunch of problems with only one piece of software can actually be very dangerously for your business. A small business is likely to achieve success when they focus on specific purposes and products, and the same goes with your online marketing. Don’t try to sell some integrated services on your web that don’t go together with your main products. Having your online sales pitch matches your actual products makes it easier for your stronger leads to make the final decision.

Implement a solid A/B testing strategy. Testing different versions of your website is without doubt invaluable. Endless Gain can help optimize your sites for higher rate of conversions by changing the way your website looks in a way to promote easier understanding of the content and higher sales in returns. The best way to undertand which version of your site works the best for your users is by implementing the A/B/C testing strategy.

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