What do You need to Know about Romeo and Juliet Laws in Some Countries?

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Romeo and Juliet Laws in some countries have its own criteria and requirements. In Texas, this law is approved when the player more than 17 years old and the distance of age are no more than 4 years. If this policy can ve done, this law can avoid the suspect from any of the sex criminal. The Texas law will not avoid the sexual cost.

Florida and New York

In Florida, the victim should be at least 14 years old and the difference age between the victim and offender is no more than 4 years, The charge of the criminal will be offered to the offender id the victim was 14-15 years at the time of the act. It is because of when the victim was 16-17 years at that time, it means that the sex is done consensually.

In New York, if the victim was between 15 and 16 years old, the offender cannot be older than 21, so that this law can be applied. If the victim was between 11-14 years old, the offender cannot be more than 17 years old. Although the offender does not know the victim age, he or she still cannot defense the punishment.

This law is aimed to help the suspect from the heavy punishment and save their mental in the future. Children or teenager still have a long journey to go in this world. Therefore, to let them in ‘blacklist’ will influence their future. They can be introvert and get a bad occupation in the future. This law offers you to pay the bill and help you to get the non-heavy punishment period. For all of the countries, Romeo and Juliet’s law is only approved if the sex is done because of loving each other.

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