What Is DNA Paternity Test?

Some of us may still not really understand about DNA Test Paternity. We perform DNA Paternity test to determine the biological father of a child. This is usually done so that we get legal support to establish court-ordered child support and visitation rights.


DNA paternity test is usually done for a case which a mother who demanded the right to paternity or a father who does not want to accept the right of his parental rights. If the parents were married, of course, the law will see that the husband is father and the wife is mother. Thus paternity has automatically been established. However, for unmarried parents, the parentage of their children needs to be clarified legally. It is very important for a child. He or she can get the emotional benefits of knowing that both of his or her parents are financial support from both parents, the right to inherit from both parent, and many more. Therefore, having legal DNA test is much needed so that it is admissible by the court.

We can take DNA samples in many ways. We can take it from blood, cheek swabs, and umbilical cord when the baby is born, saliva, semen, hair, or other piece of tissue. DNA paternity tests will provide results with 99.999% accurate when the sample is given at least from the child and alleged father. Doing DNA test which is legally admissible become a very important thing to do. It is because some DNA tests are not able to be approved and admissible by the court, such as the Home Paternity Testing. So we will not find any difficulty if we want to take legal action in this case in the future.

By doing DNA paternity test, we will give a good guarantee for the future of our children. Our child can have good emotional bonds with their biological parents. Besides, our child also gets financial support and an accurate medical history. We can also become quieter because the children we already have a legal evidence for our child support and no problem to prove Inheritance and Insurance Claims.

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