Different Types of Blender Bottles

Nowadays, you need to be smart, witty, and creative to make yourself different from the others. In business, it is common to have a giveaway, mostly in the forms of hats, bags, or shirts. If the others are doing so (and using the same stuffs), what can you do to make you look different from them? Why not having personalized or customized bottles, instead? Yes, bottles, instead of shirts or hats.

The reason why you should be thinking about giving away bottles is because of its man functionality. Today’s people are busy; they are often on the go. They may carry their own water to replenish their thirst as it is efficient and also economical. That’s why we have so many attractive bottles these days. You can save money, stay refreshed, and still looking stylish and trendy altogether.

Woman drinking water

The Blender Bottles

If you are thinking about targeting gyms and fitness centers for your giveaway purpose, you should really consider choosing the Blender bottles. This type of bottle is also known as the mixer or shaker bottles, as they are mainly designed as fitness bottles. If you want something unique and handy for fitness facilities and wellness programs, you should use this one.

There are so many different shapes, designs, colors, and variants that you can choose. The Clear Classic bottles, for instance, are available in two different sizes: the 20oz and the 28 oz. it has wide openings and gripper bars designed for easier mix of ingredients and hold. It also has the so called Blender Ball with stay opened flip cap. After all, this variant is made of Tritan Copolyester, so they are solid and durable, and they are definitely compatible for dish washer.

Or you can go with the SportMixer bottle with rubber grip, leak proof feature, easy to carry SportLoop, and big drinking spout. This one is definitely durable and also stylish at the same time.

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