Bru-Bag Game Set, What Makes It Special

Playing games outside the house with friends and family is always great. If you have tried playing Cornhole and beer pong with them, it is the time to do both at the same time. How could it be? With Bru-Bag it is possible as the game combines Cornhole rules with beer pong. Ask three of your friends to join with you and make two teams consisting of two players each, then let’s have fun together!


Besides the enjoyment you can have with your friends, there is one more thing that makes Bru-Bag very special, the game set itself. When you buy the game set of Bru-Bag either in the store or via internet, you are going to get bean bags, wood covers, and also two boards with six holes in each. But, they are not ordinary game set as the manufacturer does its best to design them:

Top quality of wood

Let’s talk about the board game first. As Bru-Bag is mostly used for outdoor game, the board must be really sturdy and durable so it will not get broken easily. The manufacturer understands this therefore only top quality of wood that is used to make the board. The six holes and wood covers are also well-shaped to make sure the game goes awesome.

Unfinished wood set

The special thing about the wooden game set is that you can decorate them based on your creativity; that is why the manufacturer let them natural and unfinished. Ask your friends to draw on or paint the board before playing Bru-Bag and see how exciting the game will be.

Double stiches duck cloth

If the wooden board is strong, so is the bag. You can bring the bag anywhere you want as it is made of duck cloth with double stiches to make sure everything is well-kept inside. Don’t you think Bru-Bag game set is worth-purchasing?

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