Which One is Cheaper?

When it comes to skateboarding, Kryptonics is one of the best brands of skateboard and skateboards’ wheels that you can have. Kryptonics was founded in 1965. It becomes famous in 1970s and even more popular from decades to decades. It has been produced the best quality, durability, high performance and stylish design from time to time. There are two kinds of board that Kryptonics has been produced which are torpedo skateboard and penny board. Both of them look similar physically, but if you take a closer look you will find the differences between these two boards. Keep reading the article to find more about Kryptonics Torpedo Skateboard Vs Penny Board.

kryptonics torpedo skateboard 24Just like any other articles, this one will surely give you the information about the comparison between torpedo skateboard and penny board in terms of the price, which one is cheaper. As a slight reminder, torpedo skateboard price is around USD50, while the price of penny boards is more expensive with the range USD70 – USD330. It is very obvious that torpedo skateboard is the cheaper one compared to penny board.

You might be wondering why penny board is much more expensive than torpedo skateboard. It is because of penny board is made of the high quality and flexible plastic and well equipped by the newest bearing Abec7 which allows no friction at all. While torpedo skateboard has lower feature in terms of the material constructions and bearings. Torpedo skateboard uses Abec5 which is frictionless but not as frictionless as Abec7. This will come to conclusion that the features and the materials will influence the price of the board. The better feature and material will impact to the higher price and the lower feature and not that good material will result to the lower price than the high quality ones.

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