Bus from Penang to Singapore Lists


There are some schedules available. You can start to depart at 21.00 and every 15 minutes you will find another bus. At 21.00, they are KPB Express, Hee Enterprise, and Seasons Express. All of them are express, but only Seasons become the executive bus. The ticket price is only MYR 65.00 and it is cheaper than KPB Express and Hee Enterprise of Pacific Express (Butterworth). KPB is started from Butterworth to Golden Mile Complex, as same as Hee Enterprise. However, another Hee Enterprise can drop you off in Woodland.

 Another Bus Options to Singapore from Penang

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Because of the journey from Penang to Singapore takes around 7 hours, you should find a way to kill the time. Trying to give you the solution, Billion Star Express is trying to serve you very well with its affordable ticket price, but luxurious touch inside.

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