Everyone Can Get the Airlines’ Promotion

It is not a difficult thing to you to get the cheaper flight cost. The minister of Indonesian transportation has stated that show us if everyone can fly today. It is not like the previous years before 2000, when at that time only wealth people who can use airplane as their transportation. At that time, the airplane ticket was too expensive for middle class. It is very contrast with what happened today. You can see many Airlines advertisement said about “harga tiket murah” in Indonesia.


Be the First Person who knows about Airplanes’ Promotion

If you want to be the first person, who knows everything about the Flight Company, you can follow its Facebook or Twitter. Therefore, everything about the Airlines hot promotion also will be shared for you. The main point of having the cheap ticket is you do not need to worry about its safety. There is no relationship between safety and cheap price. Every passenger will get the same safety quality even he or she pays more or not. The ticket price gives relation with the services that you will get while you are flying. Do you agree about this statement?

Anticipate Lost Unpredictable Cost

Saving money is your aim. However, it will be quite impossible for you to save your money more if you have long journey with lower cost of the ticket. The reason is because you will not get any meal and you will feel not comfortable with its seats. You need to anticipate all of these inconvenient feeling. What you can do then? You can use twice flight, so you can transit and take some times to eat and rest. Beside, you also will get the lower cost if you use two flights to arrive on your destination, especially in different Airline.

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