Singapore to Mersing Bus for Your Unforgettable Holiday

What Mersing offers to you?


As the town that has a population of 21.000 people, Mersing shouldn’t be viewed as a mere stopover or transient path to an off – shore isle, Pulau Tiaoman. Mersing possesses a quiet charm, in so many ways represent a fast disappearing a small town culture that once pervaded all of Malaysia. It has yet to see any typical signs of economic and urban development. There are two main roads that run through Mersing and only two junctions with traffic lights and only two traffic roundabouts. The main roads are full of traditional and modern shop houses that offer you a wide range of modern services. You can easily find traditional fruit sellers, modern supermarket, grocers, fast food outlets and also local restaurant, some of them are open24 hours. You also can have so much fun all in the way of chic clubs, shopping malls and cafes. You will have a proper holiday in slow – paced life and enjoy the natural surroundings like jungle reserves, unspoiled beaches, and rocky coast plus off – shore for a great pleasure angling.

Mersing as one of attractive tourist destination

Mersing can be easily accessed from Singapore by bus. You can totally enjoy your vacation journey because Mersing has a small population with less urban and economic development. Despite the fact that Mersing is a small town, it has a quite high number of tourist attractions, the beaches in the island and the Endau Rompin National Park would be included in the list. In addition, Air Papan and Penyabung beaches only about 15 to 30 minutes drive north of the town respectively. You can get a glimpse as the remaining vestiges of traditional seaside Malay village life. If you want to book your seat, you can click on and get further information.

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