The Perfect Way to be Smart Travelers in Vietnam

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The money saving tips in Vietnam

Even though you are not realized it yet, you can save a lot of money on your Vietnam travel (Vietnam voyage). You can lessen your budget starts by eating at the street food, doing a late night travel, take the tourist bus and by trying to bargain hard. Let me explain to you, when you want to get a great taste and affordable food, Vietnam could be the perfect country for you. Most of all, the food is usually excellent with an affordable price. In addition, you also can watch your food being cooked in front of you. Just stick to the local food and you will save a lot of money, you can try the street – side Pho, bread and bananas are your perfect choices. The late – night travel could be the best option you get when you travelling in long journey. The late night bus or train would save a lot of your money on the cost of one night accommodation.

Hold on.. There are more of tips!

Another great way to save more of your money is by taking the tourist bus, it will be cheaper to take it around country than taking a local transportation because you will get the tourist price at the bus station. The other tips is try to bargain hard, most of travelers would know that tourists tend to be charged more than local for everything from cyclos to street food. Always try to bargain harder than you would ordinarily and don’t underestimate the value of walking away. Don’t hesitate to explore the Ho Chi Minh City, it’s a great city that worth of exploring for. You will high likely meet with the roar of motorbikes speeding through colonial streets so you have to be staying careful all the time.

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