The Best Magento Hosting Sites online

The first step in having any kind of website store, especially ecommerce store, is finding out the right Magento hosting. For those who are not familiar with the online hosting server, finding one that can focus on Magento is always a daunting task to be done. If you choose the wrong hosting site, you might end up with a failure for your business and your online site. That is why it is necessary for you to find the right Magento hosting. Here are two of the best Magento hosting sites that you can find nowadays to help you with your ecommerce store.

Hostgator for hosting

Hostgator is very well known in the hosting server communities because it has been in the scene for quite a while. Hostgator is always a good choice for a starter because hosting with this server do not requires big budget. The average pricing for monthly subscription is just under four dollars per month. That is why it is very liked because of the cheap price that goes beyond other similar hosting server. Even with a hundred and sixty visitors per milliseconds, the hosting server will always stay solid and strong without even a little hitch.

best magento hosting

Liquid web for small businesses

If you are capable of reaching deeper into your pocket, liquid web might be the better choice for you. Liquid web is definitely a better choice for small companies especially if you want to upgrade your server from the regular cheap server. They can offer you two kinds of hosting which is the shared and dedicated server for a slightly different pricing. We would recommend you the dedicated server if you want the server to be PCI compliant. In addition to that, they have a very useful 24/7 customer service with a really satisfying staff to help you at any time.

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